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I have had the privilege to be in full-time pastoral ministry since 1992 covering states like Iowa, Florida, the greater DC area, Arkansas, and Missouri. Some of my God-given opportunities include or have included: Serving as a coach for Leader Breakthru, Open Bible Central KidsMin Director, Executive Operations Coordinator for Kidology, Central Region Open Bible Coach, National and International Kidology Coach , National Trainer for Kids Quest USA and Character Connex along with several opportunities to speak at camps, conferences plus numerous seminars.

I am married to Rachel, the best wife that God could have picked for me. We have been given three incredible gifts from God by the names of Jenelle, Camille, and Zachary. Lastly, I enjoy fishing with family, reading about leadership, task management, all things Macintosh and gadgets.

If you want to network with me beyond this blog here are some places to connect to me but make sure you mention you are coming from here or I may never accept the invite if I don’t know you.


Twitter : Here is a place to connect with quick thoughts of mine over a variety of topics. Feel free to connect with some of my list of other twitter peeps that I follow and learn from them as well.

Facebook : This is all personal stuff of mine. Covers productivity and leadership only because these topics are constantly on my mind, but it also includes family, church, work and more.

LinkedIn : This is a resource I am starting to develop more and trying to keep it strictly for networking and posting leadership and productivity apps, books and coaching type articles.


The topic of “Productivity” or “Leadership” can be so overwhelming, I know because I too have had to sift through the mounds of great resources available. I know because of the vastness of these topics and the variety of directions this site could go to cover all this, I want to boil it all down to the Apps, Books and Coaching that I lead and now has been beneficial for me and others.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to connect with me through any of the social network ways I have given or feel free to email me at toddmckeever@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Todd McKeever

Productive Leadership