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If you are at an important moment in your development and growth as a leader, you can build leadership skills online through coaching which can help bring clarity and focus to where you are and help you discern what might be next. 

Benefits of Coaching Online

Because we live in such a fortunate time, we have access to the internet which makes coaching to build leadership skills even more accessible. Here are some quick ways that Coaching online is beneficial.

  • Lower cost. Due to the coach also reaps the benefits as the coachee with travel expenses, food, hotel and more, so they can charge less. 
  • The flexibility of scheduling. 
  • Saves on gas for the car. No travel necessary. 
  • Worldwide Access. Most of us don’t think about accessing professional help outside our local area but with online coaching, you have access locally, nationally, and internationally. 
  • Face to face coaching is still possible. Most of us are now quite accustomed to talking to our friends and loved ones via Skype or FaceTime and so the transition to talking to a coach online is not as foreign as we may think.

Types of Online Coaching

Coaching is an ongoing conversation. I will come alongside you to help you understand and fulfill your vision, overcome obstacles and tackle the issues keeping you up at night by using powerful questions and proven solutions. 

Building Leadership skills online are accomplished in several ways. Here are some of the methods I have been trained in and experienced incredible success in. Looking forward to you having the same experience. 


  • Specific Min-Conference. (This can be over jobs, life, or ministry. You pick).
    • Training Sessions last for 1 hour and consists of…
    • 40 minutes of live teaching with Todd over the topics you previously sent.  
    • 20 minutes of Q & A with Todd to make sure all questions have been answered
    • A PDF of all the resources used. Potential of having access to a private web page that is loaded with resources to use after mini-conference. 
    • Follow-up phone call and customized next steps for you and your team after you have had a chance to think about all that was shared during the online training. How often can you say that once you left a conference?

Niche Coaching

  • Age-specific: Kidology Children/Youth Ministry. 
    • Twelve unit curriculum that covers twenty-six foundational areas of ministry.
    • Bi-weekly video calls
    • Dropbox access to all resources as you complete them.
    • Certificate when all units have been accomplished. 
  • Community GroupWealthy Affiliate Website and affiliate platform building
    • Website builder
    • A community of 1,400,000+ of like-minded people co-coaching one another
    • Video training
    • Transform your ideas into profits
  • Specialized Process Leader Breakthru. For entrepreneurs, career change, next level of development, need of greater focus,  
    • IDENTIFY your needs and core desires
      DISCOVER the issues and challenges surrounding your presenting issue
      EVALUATE how God is at work and pinpoint the root issue you’re facing
      ACT on the insight by developing strategic actions steps for you to take

Here is one last one I’ll add here because Brandon Cox who is the creator of and was my personal coach as well would be a fantastic coach for anyone. Brandon will do one to one coaching or join his Digital Leadership Lab site.

Here are his own words describing why the Digital Leadership Lab: “The Digital Leadership Lab has been years in the making in my head. I’ve always longed for an outlet to share knowledge with people in leadership about how to utilize media, marketing, and technology to enhance their effectiveness, expand their influence, and earn more income along the way“.  

When a leader grows, the world gets better. I believe good coaching pays for itself many times over, and that’s why I pay for good coaching myself. 

In fact, there’s a greater cost in not being coached and staying stuck! That’s why I’ll say, if you don’t get coaching from me, get it somewhere!

What’s Next?

Here’s what I’d love to do if you think building leadership skills online is for you. Send an email  ( to me telling me about your interest and what coaching package is best for you. Add in the subject line: “Coaching” so I know it is not spam. I’ll reach back out and we can schedule a free half-hour session to talk about your vision and how coaching can help you fulfill it! At the end of those first 30 minutes, you will walk away with strategic goals and an action plan of how we will proceed with your coaching. 

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13 thoughts on “Build Leadership Skills Online

  • AV 2001

    HeyTodd! How are you doing buddy? I’ve enjoyed reading this article on “Build Leadership Skills Online” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of useful information. I completely agree with what you said because the education which is being provided in schools and colleges isn’t the right way of learning stuff in life. There is a whole new life away from books. 

    Out of all the online training websites, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best as you get access to lots of high quality training resources and you also have people ready to help you 24/7. I highly recommend people to try Wealthy Affiliate as it’s an amazing platform.

    Thank you for taking your time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Todd!

  • Netta

    An interesting post, Todd.  As a lifelong learner, I have accessed online classes for various subjects of interest to me.  I just never made the connection between that and leadership-skill building.  

    I am supposing that, like taking a crafting or writing course, it would be possible to take the things you are taught online into the real-world.  The key would be actually applying the new information in real-life situations and growing through practice.  

    It must be interesting being a leadership coach.

    • Todd McKeever

      I will admit that being a leadership coach is one of the most thrilling things I get to do. I meet a variety of people wanting to develop numerous types of skills that will effect a ton of very different types of communities. In the end, each person ends up accomplishing and reaping the fruits of their hard labors. 

      Glad to hear that you are a life learner. Never stop!

  • Raven Michele

    This is wonderful information! Thank you so much!! I look forward to building leadership skills through online coaching for better clarity and focus. I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for some time now, I’m so happy you told me how the online coaching will be beneficial to me as well as what to expect once I begin. I am deeply encouraged to begin online coaching now, thank you so much!!!

    • Todd McKeever

      Glad to hear that it added value to you and encouraged you to take action for yourself. Now I feel my job had been done with this. 

      Thanks again for the encouragement. 

  • Chris

    Very interesting packages you have on offer here Todd, I’m specifically interested in the Specific Min-Conference option. 

    You mention that there is a 40 minute live teaching module with this package – I’m wondering what video software I need installed for this? Will you be holding the education over Skype or another video call medium?

    I also had a quick look at the website hosting/builder you recommend at the Wealthy Affiliate – is their service a free one?

    • Todd McKeever

      Glad to hear that some of the packages looked interesting. 

      As for what video software we will use, I tend to use Skype or Zoom depending on how you want to use your session. Some people sale admission to their team or community and it ends up making them some money on top of the mini conference. The video needs change for me then. But it will be one of those two. 

      With wealthy affiliate the do allow 2 sites to be built by using site rubix

  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Very good post and great info. 

    I have an online business for a long while now, and I will start to coach soon, the tips you give will help me to utilize my last confusing, thank you very much for that. 

    I know you have a lot of different types of coaching, for me it is the writing way, I have a very good talent for that, so that is the way I have to do it. 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it! 

  • Terry

    Love the idea of building leadership skill online. Coaching leadership skills helping other become better leaders. Is a good idea and doing so online. I myself have a teaching leadership site.i agree completely with you growing good leaders helps the world. 

    I have been told by others all my life i have leaderships traits. In high school i learn to grow these traits trough practice. Would love to talk about leaderships skills with you. We could even share  ideas about teaching  those skills online.


    • Todd McKeever

      That would be incredible to discuss leadership. I share my email in the post if you would like to email me and put WA in the subject line so I know where we first touched base and then give me your website that would be great as well. 

      Looking forward to the potential of touching base. 

  • Kevin

    Hi Todd, thank you so much for a great overview to online coaching and some of the services that you offer. I am trying to research the subject as much as possible as I have always worked “local” and never online but I am aware that I have skills that I should be sharing further afield and your article has helped confirm that. I have just always been concerned about the client perception of working remotely with them rather than “in person” but I guess that’s just my age! Do you ever come across this issue? It may be that I come back to you for some coaching to get me started. Thanks again for a great article.

    • Todd McKeever

      You are always welcome to come and get coaching. As for your question, no I have never had an issue like that come up. In my experience it has been on the other side of that actually. I hear more comments about how nice it is they get to be in the comfort of their own home, they don’t have to dress up, find babysitters, if they are a little under the weather they can still attend and not feel like they are spreading their sickness and stuff like that. 

      Hope this helps a little more in seeing the advantages. Thanks reading.

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