Top 20 Improvements I’ve Made Due to Kidology Coaching

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Every weekend our churches are filled with those who have the responsibility of ministering to our children, connecting with and resourcing the parents, equipping those who are also responsible to help reach children and the list of responsibilities just goes on and on. You may call these wonderful gifts to your churches: Children's pastors, Children's directors, Kidmin ministers etc.. With the responsibility that these people carry out many churches have figured out that it is wisdom to make sure they are equipped, developed, trained and ready, to carry out all that they are expected to do with excellence. These expectations and responsibilities have evolved beyond what our colleges are preparing leaders for. It is this group of children's pastors that I have had the privilege of being part of for…
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Unlock a new level of your childrens ministry

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In the book The Attention Revolution—Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind, author B. Alan Wallace explores the potential of a mind practiced in sustained focus. He writes, “… geniuses of all kinds excel in their capacity for sustained voluntary attention. Just think of the greatest musicians, mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers throughout history–all of them, it seems, have had an extraordinary capacity to focus their attention with a high degree of clarity for long periods of time. A mind settled in such a state of alert equipoise is a fertile ground for the emergence of all kinds of original associations and insights. Might “genius” be a potential we all share–each of us with our own unique capacity for creativity, requiring only the power of sustained attention to unlock it? A…
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Volunteering in America

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I can not tell you how many times I hear people say that their church members are not volunteering. Lets take a look at this graphic from Volunteering In America and see what it shows us. So are you one who is having volunteer struggles? Here are a few questions for you that hopefully you have answers for, and if not I hope you will take the time to get the answers so you can change your volunteer status. 1. How are you connecting your volunteers to the bigger picture? 2. Do they know the true mission that is before them? Is the vision bigger than what you can handle and accomplish with just your current team? 3. Who and what are the most successful churches, businesses and organizations in…
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Technology changing Leadership and Involvement

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I had the privilege of being able to contribute to opinions on the topic of "The future of children's ministry". In this article of mine I attempted to share briefly my thoughts on a change in leadership styles where one (Top down) is on the way out and the other (Decentralize) is on the way in. Since I wrote this I have come across a couple other resources who have written about this thought in ways and I think they have done a great job of saying it better than me or they have added more to some of those brief thoughts of mine posted in the article. Here is one that is written by where Kenny does a good job of picking up one of the differences from…
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