Top 20 Improvements I’ve Made Due to Kidology Coaching

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Every weekend our churches are filled with those who have the responsibility of ministering to our children, connecting with and resourcing the parents, equipping those who are also responsible to help reach children and the list of responsibilities just goes on and on. You may call these wonderful gifts to your churches: Children's pastors, Children's directors, Kidmin ministers etc.. With the responsibility that these people carry out many churches have figured out that it is wisdom to make sure they are equipped, developed, trained and ready, to carry out all that they are expected to do with excellence. These expectations and responsibilities have evolved beyond what our colleges are preparing leaders for. It is this group of children's pastors that I have had the privilege of being part of for…
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The Habit of scheduling time to think

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This week my family and I are in one of those definite busy times in life and ministry. We are driving everywhere to get our kids to all of their appointments, tackling some big items in ministry, sicknesses hitting different family members which come with doctors visits and more. It is due to these busy times that I am grateful for the habit I was mentored in, scheduling regular time to get away and think. I learned long ago there are brilliant ideas lingering in everyone's minds that are just waiting for the opportunity to be released. One of my favorite John Maxwell books is titled “Thinking for a Change.” That book is one that made an impact on my life as it reinforced the lesson for me to be…
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Delegation needs Communication

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I Have posted before on how Delegation is a must in children's ministry. Today I want to follow that up with the importance of communication before, during and after delegation. Suggestion 1: Clarify your expectations. Write out what you want to do to see if it sounds logical and comprehensive. Be specific about the timeline and results needed (this should be part of the S.M.A.R.T. process I have mentioned many times). 2. Ensure you’re on the same page. Talk things over to be sure there’s a mutual understanding of important points. Rephrase what you understand to be what has been said and any assignments given out. 3. Share your knowledge. Help those you are working with succeed by being generous with any information or tips you can give them based…
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Listening helps identify potential

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I am always learning more about the power of listening when it comes to leadership and team development. Here are some things I listen for as I size up the teams potential. Listening well helps me to see how I may equip them, motivate them, and challenge them to go to another level for themselves. 1. Stress management. Their ability to withstand and overcome pressure, failure, deadlines, and obstacles. 2. Skill. Their ability to get a specific task done. 3. Thinking. Their ability to be creative, develop strategy, solve problems, and adapt. 4. Leadership. Their ability to gather followers and leaders to build a team. 5. Attitude. Their ability to stay positive and tenacious amidst negative circumstances. Pay attention to your volunteers, team members, and future team members to hear…
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Long distance mentoring

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I have had the opportunity of having some incredible mentors through my life. I actually would have to give credit to most any great that I may do today to the mentors God has allowed me to have in my life time. I have mentors that seem to fall under 1 of 3 categories. I will briefly explain the 3 types and will tackle the long distance mentor today. 1. Mentors that live close. The name of this mentor pretty much says it all. This would be a mentor who lives in the same city, town, etc. One who you can easily and readily set up a time for coffee and go and be mentored. 2. The unbeknown to me mentor. This is the mentor who doesn't even know they…
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