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Five Tips To Help You Get Better At Effective Management Skills For Productivity.

Effective Leadership Skills journal

No one is immune to falling victim to procrastination. Everyone puts things off from time to time, so there is always room to increase our effective management skills for productivity. Once we know how to deal with our tendencies to procrastinate properly we are well on our way to success. To help you combat procrastination and become more productive, here are the top five productivity hacks for procrastinators to get better at effective management skills for productivity.


Name It

The first thing that you need to do while building your effective management skills, is notice that you are procrastinating and acknowledge it. It is essential that you do this without judging yourself and without getting overly stressed that you don’t have enough time. The next time you notice you’re procrastinating, just say to yourself “procrastinating,” or “moving on.” This allows you to acknowledge your procrastination so you can move on.


Figure Out Where Your Time Goes

When we’re procrastinating, we all use different distractions to fill our time. To improve your productivity, you’ll need to identify what these are for you. Digital distractions are extremely powerful procrastination temptations that we need to try to resist consciously. To figure out where your time goes, start to write down exactly where your time goes.

The easiest way to track your time is to download an app like Rescue Time. Here is an app that works behind the scenes and once you install it you really don’t need to do anything with it but let it work. It will track your digital time, deliver your reports of where you went and how long you were there. You can block off time where you want no distractions etc. so you can build more effective management skills for productivity.


Make Time Your Best Friend

Most procrastinators frequently fool themselves when it comes to the passage of time. You might often get to the end of the day and not understand where the day went. If this is something that happens to you, then you need to shift your relationship with time. You’ll need to become aware of how long each task takes you, rather than making a guess. 


Improve Your Time Estimates

Often, as a procrastinator, you may tend to estimate how long a task will take without factoring in any time for your procrastination. This causes you to take much longer than expected to finish a task. If you know that you tend to procrastinate, factor this into your estimation, so you’re not always falling behind.


Meet More Deadlines

Often, the only time we manage to get around to focusing properly on your tasks is when you have a looming deadline. So, if you want to improve your focus and increase your productivity, you might want to start giving yourself more deadlines. The best way to do this is to get in the habit of promising to deliver certain things by a specific time/date.


Now What?

Even self-professed procrastinators can improve their productivity and build effective leadership management skills. With these five productivity hacks, you can start to decrease the amount of time you spend procrastinating and get more done.

Now, spend 5-10 minutes thinking through what tip are you going to use first? Then write it down and give your self a deadline of 1 week where you will then re-evaluate how you are doing?

Seriously, stop procrastinating and go do this.

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10 Life Lessons That Increased My Leadership Development Skills.

The older I get, the more I know life has more to teach me. Today’s post will not be an exhaustive list of important life lessons I have learned, but, it is an attempt to put some of the important life lessons down that have increased my Leadership Development Skills. As simple as these seem at first, I hope they will still be an investment in your life leadership skills.
Let’s begin and see where this list may take us.

1. No one can ruin your day without YOUR permission.

Too often we voluntarily give permission for people to ruin our days. Amazing how we can wake up and start off doing great and then all of a sudden someone says something wrong to us or treats us wrong, and our day will begin to slip downward. Once this slide start sometimes it tends to just keep going down and then we will give that authority of ruining our day to even more people and more situations.

Stop it! Just stop it!

Do not give that authority away. Keep your mind about you and determine that maybe things will happen to you, but you will make it through it all. If you have to go through it, why not keep your good attitude about yourself.

2.  Most people will be about as happy, as they decide to be.

Ever witnessed one of those people who, no matter what happens, they always see the glass as 1/2 empty? Maybe you have seen the other type of person who the glass is always 1/2 full? These are choices people are daily making. People make these types of choices all the time. Sometimes for me living with the 1/2 full choice has to be a minute by minute choice when things get really hard, but, the choice is still made that I will see life as 1/2 full and not empty.

It is still a choice to see life as full or empty So make it 1/2 full, this is a learned leadership skill that if developed people will want to follow the 1/2 full and not the 1/2 empty. Stay focused on the Amazing You and all the great skills, and abilities that God our creator has given us. Staying focused on just these things will keep us joyful and spreading the excitement everywhere.

3. Others can stop you temporarily, but only you can do it permanently.

Make a decision that nothing can stop you except yourself. Remember that you are pretty amazing.  

Often times before a person builds the momentum they need to build to accomplish the things they desire to accomplish, they will hit some obstacles that cause them to just stop. Enjoy this video as Brendon takes on 3 of those potential obstacles that maybe you have hit and are not overcoming yet or you have hit and overcame. If you have overcome these 3 please share your experience and know how in the comments for others to be able to develop their leadership skills.

4. When your ship comes in. … Make sure you are willing to unload it.

Here is where I have found coaching to build successful leadership skills has paid off well. Meeting with others who are further along than myself in this journey of leadership and hearing their stories and life lessons are invaluable. My coaches and mentors have both met with me to prepare me for that time when opportunity knocks so that I will be ready. Preparing while the opportunity is knocking means you are already too late. It is important to be prepared before opportunity knocks.

5. If you don’t start, it’s certain you won’t arrive.

How you start something is crucial. Often times this can make or break a habit, a person, a routine, a system, well you get the idea. I feel so strongly about how we should start things I also blogged about it over here on How to start a productive day.

Often times people won’t start because they are paralyzed by the possibility of choosing the wrong direction or choice to go with. Andy Stanley has a podcast over at The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast released 1/2/2019 titled “Building a Story brand“.  Go about 19:30 into the podcast and they start talking about this being paralyzed to make decisions. They then begin to drill down on how many do not have a vision for the future due to the fear of making the wrong decision or choices.

Take this one reason of being fearful of making a choice in a direction away from being why you may not be starting. Start, understand that more often than not there is not just one way or one right choice.

Now What?

This is only Part 1 of some Life Lessons that have helped develop my leadership skills. Look over these again and determine which one as simple as it may appear will you try and develop in your life? Write it down. Schedule times you will focus on it and find ways to strategically implement it. Find a mentor, coach or friend who you will ask them to hold you accountable.

Lastly, keep watching for part 2 of this post.

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Leadership Talks That Will Help Develop Your Leadership Skills

People stand usually in one camp of thought or the other with – Are leaders born or made? I would say my answer with this question is, “Yes”.  Regardless of what camp you stand in, we all seem to agree that a Leader is always learning and developing their leadership skills.

I am desiring to invest in developing your leadership skills by giving you in this post some good quality videos to watch and learn from. You will see these videos taught by some who are still alive and some who have passed away, but, all teaching still has incredible value for now and the ages to come.

The Difference Between Winning and Losing. -John Wooden

John Wooden is one of those leaders who transcend beyond their own specialty, his being basketball, and because of the truthful and applicable lessons, they are able to speak into all areas of life. John is a great “coach” and has left us with ideas, systems, and processes that we are still using even after he has passed away. Like his pyramid of success.

Pyramid of success

The 5 Levels of Leadership – John Maxwell

Here is another John that all of us can learn from, John Maxwell. To only list, one of his books is one of the most difficult challenges. I encourage you to not just stop with this one book suggestion but read all of his stuff.

The 5 Levels of Leadership (posted on in more detail here with this link) is a great book that will help you identify where you are on the path of leadership, and to help show you the other stops along the way that you may be able to accomplish so you can set appropriate goals to achieve 4 levels. Yes, I said 4 levels. To achieve the 5th level it requires you do all 4 and the results outlast you. That is a huge B.H.A.G. goal.

Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader – Simon Sinek

For me Simon came on my radar with his incredible book: Start with the Why. I want to share the same teaching via a TEDtalk with you. You too may enjoy what I found to be incredibly inspiring. It challenged me to go back to the drawing board of conception with many of my ideas and methods. Hopefully, this video will pour into your leadership skills.


Are You A Leader? 12 Ways To Know For Sure. – Michael Hyatt

Some lessons that Michael makes in this video.

  • Real leaders don’t care who gets the credit just that the job gets done.
  • Leaders have discontent with the way things are
  • They like to tweak things
  • Don’t wait to have the perfect situations. Create and resources will follow.

Enjoy the video in full and hear more of Michaels 12 ways.


It’s Time to Begin

Thanks for allowing me to share snippets from leaders I enjoy. If you are like me I always enjoy learning wither it is through video, text, networking, coaching or audio, it doesn’t matter as long as I am taking in more to help me to develop leadership skills.

It is this true enjoyment of taking in info that can sometimes slow me down in getting started. I will become a consumer and not a creator. Allow me to encourage you, take the time to watch each of these short videos. Take the lessons to make your notes and goals, then go and live them out.

Start in action right here. Share a couple of your ways that you would develop leadership skills. What are some of your pillar thoughts concerning leadership?

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How Jaaxy Can Help You Lead

Jaaxy is a relatively new tool for me. I am still learning Jaaxy but, so far it has become one trusted resource for me. Jaaxy has become one tool in the tool belt of my leadership development skill building. How does technology, word search, keyword, site ranking type tool help in leadership development? Glad you asked. Let’s look and see how Jaaxy can help you lead.

Let’s look at all the components it provides straight from their website and then answer this question at the end.


There are over 500 million BRAND NEW keywords searched every day in Google alone. That is the reality of the keyword market. To truly leverage the billions of keywords in existence, you need a keyword tool like Jaaxy that can “dig” as deep as you want.

Jaaxy will save you hours per week on your research activities, giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business in leadership.

Google, Bing and Yahoo data are pulled directly within Jaaxy, offering you a 99% keyword and associated data coverage for all of your searches. These 3 Search Engines own 99.7% of all search traffic online. You are in the KNOW. You are going to have unparalleled access to ALL search engine data. Having this data from Jaaxy can help you lead through the knowledge of knowing what is important in the minds of those you lead. Knowing what is important will help you influence and lead.


One of the quickest ways to help build influence within an area you like, such as leadership, is to use tools that give you a big voice. There is no other tool that compares with the use of the internet.

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking by using the internet. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas that will help people in a matter of seconds using Jaaxy. Helping others is what leadership does. Another way that Jaaxy can help you lead.

Within Jaaxy you will also have access to a brainstorm feature within Jaaxy that is going to allow you to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends TODAY. Having this insight from Jaaxy can help you lead in incredible new opportunities and the ability to stay in tune across many different niches.


Sometimes the best way to WIN at SEO is to understand what your competition is doing. Then determine what “ranking factors” are contributing to their rankings. This can be easily determined through the Search Analysis algorithm in Jaaxy which will take the results from any search and uncover what the top ranked websites are doing in your Niche that is showing them to have such great influence. Jaaxy can help you lead and become one of the great influential places that people will learn from.

Want to enter into a new niche with unbelievable success without spending time doing complex and complicated market and competition research? Maybe expand from “Developing my leadership skills” into a more specific direction like “productivity with time management”. Here with Jaaxy, this is even more convenient to do so.

This is a reality within Jaaxy as you will be able to reverse engineer any successful website, right down the keyword density, meta tags, Alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights. Plus no need to truly understand all of these words completely because of Jaaxy handles a lot of the heavy lifting so you really only need to know what ranking you want each word or niche to be ranked within and even Jaaxy tells you that. To be a “success” you have to first understand “success”.

Site Rank

Before SiteRank at Jaaxy, it was very difficult to determine where your website that you built to help you have a big influential voice was ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SiteRank truly bridges the gap between your website and your awareness as to where it is ranked under the keywords that you choose to “track”. These insights will allow you to quickly determine what website activities are leading to rankings in search and which ones may not be.


If you are wanting to build or have built a website for this influential voice you are about to have, every search within Jaaxy will reveal which .com, .org and .net domains are available for the given keyword. An average search will reveal MANY high traffic, high-value domains with an average of 90 domains being checked with every search (3 per search term).

This the quickest and most powerful way to come up with valuable domains.

Let’s Look Back Over the Advantages

  • Jaaxy covers the 3 Biggest search engines, Bing, Google, and Yahoo and gives you access to all its search data
  • Jaaxy saves you time so you can focus more time on other parts of developing your leadership skills
  • Helps you uncover the hottest trends in your niche area
  • Allows you to see why other voices on the internet are experiencing success and allow you to reverse produce it within your own niche
  • Keeps you in the know of where your voice is being ranked amongst all the other voices in your niche area.
  • Helps you pick the best option for your own domain name

So, do you really want to wait any longer in checking Jaaxy out? Jump over to my resource page and try out Jaaxy for yourself. Take it for a ride right there on my resource page before you choose to invest much time into it. I know you will want to set your own account up, but, until then, try it out for yourself. Go and see how Jaaxy can help you lead.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO JAAXY ON MY RESOURCE PAGE.

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Productivity tools, systems and processes


“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”-–Paul J. Meyer.

I heard this statement that comes from the Economic Policy Institute.

Since the early 1970s, productivity (the amount of output per hour worked) has risen in America. Between 1973 and 2011, the productivity of the American worker has grown 80 percent. Why? My opinion, because we’re finding new tools and techniques to increase our focus and efficiency.

Below are some ideas and tools I have discovered over time that people I would say are productive have repeatedly talked about using. I believe I can learn a lot form people and their habits, tools they choose to use, their processes and the reason why they do and use what they do. So in the following, I have come to use many of the same and investigating using some others.

Police Your Own Internet Habits.
There’s a tool called StayFocusd to keep track of how much time you spend on various sites. I have a tendency to begin researching something online for a sermon I am preparing with the very best of intentions and then get lost viewing irrelevant content and wasting way too much time. To limit this, I turn on the browser extension to Chrome of StayFocusd where I keep up a list of sites I can get lost on for hours–YouTube, Ted Talks and Facebook are mine. StayFocusd alerts me after a pre-determined time that I have set up has passed and then blocks the offending sites to help me resist temptation and stay focused on the task at hand. Another tool I will mention before leaving this part is RescueTime which I have a post previously about this. This is a tool worth checking out as well.

Clear Your Mind, Define Your Focus
Wendy Lea, CEO of getting Satisfaction and principal at The Chatham Group, shared two tips that keep her focused, energized, effective and productive both personally and professionally. “There are two things I do to get the energy, capacity, and focus I need to not only be efficient, but effective. Personally, I take 15 minutes every morning for contemplation and to empty my mind. I take a bag full of thoughts I need to be cleared and each morning I pick one out, read it, and send it down the river near my house. Watching the thought float away really helps clear my mind, reorient things and increase my focus for the rest of the day,” said Lea, who successfully juggles several roles across various companies including CEO, investor, advisor, mentor, and principal.

“Professionally,” Lea added, “I send an email to my team each Monday morning with the top five things I will be focused on for the week. This really keeps me on track and gives me the focus I need. These two things set the pace for me every day, both in my personal and professional life.”

Cut Back On Meetings
Randy Komisar, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB), said he keeps productive by being diligent about meetings–sticking to the allotted time and only scheduling in-person meetings when it’s absolutely necessary. “I leave meetings at their allotted end time regardless of whether they are finished,” said Komisar, who authored the book, Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model. “I do not reschedule an appointment for a more important one unless it is an emergency. If an email will do, I don’t make a call; if a call will do, I don’t have a meeting; if a 30-minute meeting is enough, I don’t schedule an hour.”

All About Evernote
Dylan Tweney, the executive editor at VentureBeat, said Evernote, the popular note-taking and archiving service, is his go-to productivity tool. “I use Evernote to collect everything I might need to save for later, with the exception of emails–Gmail is fine for that. I store all of my important documents–from notes to interviews–in Evernote. I also use Evernote tags as a kind of to-do list: I have a set of tags that I can use to rank things that need to happen immediately or that I’m waiting for someone else to finish: (“1-next,” “2-soon,” “3-later,” “4-someday,” and “5-waiting”). When I get an email that I need to act on but can’t respond to immediately, I send it to my private Evernote address and then rank it,” said Tweney. “Finally, I use Instapaper liberally to save articles that I run across during the day, but don’t have time to read during the busy hours. It sends stories to my Kindle automatically, so I always have something interesting to read on the train ride home or in the evening. That helps keep me focused on work, even when people are sharing fascinating things on Twitter and Facebook all day.”

Get Tunnel Vision
Kevin O’Connor, the serial entrepreneur who founded both DoubleClick and more recently FindTheBest, a data-driven comparison engine, said he makes an effort to focus on only the top few things that really are going to move the needle. “Most people tend to focus on the 100 things they should do, which can be overwhelming and result in the failure to actually accomplishing anything of importance. I try to focus on the three to five things I absolutely have to do. I don’t get distracted by those ninety-seven other unimportant things that don’t ultimately give to my success or the success of my company.”

Get Physical
Patrick Dolan, the EVP and COO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), said what keeps him productive, focused and energized is going for runs in the morning. “I love to run in the morning before I get into work. Running clears my mind, gets the blood flowing and ultimately makes me much more focused and productive. During my morning runs, I try to come up with solutions to any unresolved problems at work, brainstorm new ideas, and really prioritize my work in terms of the top things I want to carry out that day. By the time I get into work, I already have a set of focused priorities, and I also have the energy to make them happen.”

Put Email In Its Place
Anne-Marie Slaugher, a professor of politics and international relations at Princeton University and author of the popular article published last year in The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” said basing your work day around the never-ending flow of incoming emails is a huge productivity drain. “My principal productivity tip is that if you are caught up on your email, your priorities are in the wrong place. An extra of hour of email will do very little in the long run, but that hour could be spent reading to your kids before bed, cooking a meal, or taking a walk and clearing your head–all far better choices,” said Slaughter, who previously served as Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Department. “More generally, email puts you in response mode, where you are doing what other people want you to do, and not send mode, where you are deciding what you want to do and taking action.”

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