Delegation needs Communication

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I Have posted before on how Delegation is a must in children's ministry. Today I want to follow that up with the importance of communication before, during and after delegation. Suggestion 1: Clarify your expectations. Write out what you want to do to see if it sounds logical and comprehensive. Be specific about the timeline and results needed (this should be part of the S.M.A.R.T. process I have mentioned many times). 2. Ensure you’re on the same page. Talk things over to be sure there’s a mutual understanding of important points. Rephrase what you understand to be what has been said and any assignments given out. 3. Share your knowledge. Help those you are working with succeed by being generous with any information or tips you can give them based…
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Letting go of unproductive habits part 3

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Thinking more is better More is not always better. In fact, in many cases quality beats the quantity. One way I would look at quality over quantity is moving from being the jack of all trades and the master of none. In this wonderful world of today with all the great networking and diverse teams that we are able to put together there really is no reason anymore (I'm not sure there ever was except we were all made to buy into that myth at one time) to have the thinking of being the one person show anymore. Discover your 20% that really allows you to contribute 80% of the results that only you can give. With the other 80% that you don't need to be the go to person,…
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Discovering the answers to question number 1

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I had posted over here some questions that I keep in Evernote so I can draw them back up again when ever I meet someone that I want to grow from. I may not and usually do not get all the answers to these questions from that one person but I do get as many of the answers I can from each one. I have had a friend and mentor of mine, Karl Bastian, leave a comment on that blog suggesting for me to write blog post on the answers myself. So, fair enough I will try and answer these myself with the understanding that I reserve the right to get smarter after I answer them. Question 1 - What are the most important decisions you make as a leader…
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MBWA – Management By Walking Around

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Most leaders would agree that staying in touch with their volunteer base is important. This leader-volunteer connection typically takes on the structured forms of town hall meetings, video broadcasts and planning sessions. But there are informal ways to stay in touch as well, often called “Management By Walking Around” (MBWA), a phrase coined in the 1980’s in the book In Search of Excellence. MBWA, the theory goes, helps senior leadership break down barriers that can often stall effective communication across an organization. A time-stressed Leader may be tempted to skip the Walking Around part and only focus on the Management part of the MBWA equation, but that would be a mistake. Wise organizational leaders make use of both formal and informal communications channels. Here could be a few ideas to…
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Common Mistakes When Communicating Expectations

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There are several ways to share with your teams the expectations of "Why" something needs to be done, "What" it is exactly that needs to be done, and lastly "When" it needs to be done. Today I will cover common mistakes when communicating the Why, What, and When. 1. Failing to form an expectation clearly yourself before communicating it to others. 2. Barking out "marching orders" without making your directions clear enough that people fully understand and accept them. 3. Assuming people only need one explanation in order to understand what you expect them to deliver. 4. Excluding any explanation about why you want something done within a specific time frame. 5. Asking people to do something, but not clearly explaining when you need it done. 6. Failing to describe…
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