Digital Books are for Common Sense Kids

Leadership, Technology, Video
Common Sense Kids began when 4th grade teacher, Cortney Campbell of Warren T. Jackson Elementary in Atlanta, GA, sought out to motivate her students with a persuasive writing topic she knew they would love. That weekend she had watched the Apple Education Summit and learned for the first time how iPad technology was replacing textbooks in schools. A few days later, as she was teaching her students about Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and the impact he had on American independence, it clicked! Watch their video, is really is a thought-provoking video. One item as I watched the video stood out to me: The belief that they can and will make a difference. I believe in what they are doing and it makes complete common sense to me. I enjoyed watching…
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5 Rules for remembering names

Leadership, Technology
I network with people all day, am a children's pastor of a few hundred kids, communicate with their parents every week, belong to a congregation of 5000 people, visit schools with hundreds of kids and teachers, use twitter and several other social networking sites and the list goes on of how many names of people I want to remember that I come across every day. If you are like me, recalling names does not always go so well. I ran into this video from Fast Company that I found interesting and the mention of some new tools that I do not currently use to help remember names and some that I already use. How do you remember names? What tools or methods do you use? #Hashable
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iPad, Kindle type of distractions.

Leadership, ministry, Technology
I love my iPad and can not or do not want to think of daily productive life without. I also have friends who have Kindles and they completely love them as well. My thoughts have always been, why get a Kindle that will only allow you to read when for just a little more you can get an iPad and have so much more at your disposal? I think I am seeing reasons for both in their respective areas. As I have already stated I love my iPad and would not trade it, but often times when I want to go and read books that I have stored on it, as I open it up, I am tempted and give into that temptation, to go and check my email. Then…
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