How Jaaxy Can Help You Lead

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Jaaxy is a relatively new tool for me. I am still learning Jaaxy but, so far it has become one trusted resource for me. Jaaxy has become one tool in the tool belt of my leadership development skill building. How does technology, word search, keyword, site ranking type tool help in leadership development? Glad you asked. Let's look and see how Jaaxy can help you lead. Let's look at all the components it provides straight from their website and then answer this question at the end. Keywords There are over 500 million BRAND NEW keywords searched every day in Google alone. That is the reality of the keyword market. To truly leverage the billions of keywords in existence, you need a keyword tool like Jaaxy that can "dig" as deep as you…
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The Amazing You

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I am not big on, no, actually I am completely against using prescriptions or some of the other more known type of stuff to help increase a person's leadership development skill of producing. Well, the Amazing You has been just the thing I was looking for that would give me the maximum gains from the minimalist efforts. All without going against my belief in God, or taking prescriptions, or even having to twist my body like a pretzel. The Struggle Is Real For all of my 27+ years of being in leadership roles, I have always tried to be a human sponge. Reading everything possible, listen to every tape, CD, mp3, podcast, etc. that I could get my hands on. I knew that to become better it was going to…
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Wealthy Affiliate Models Good Leadership Skill of Coaching

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Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of the web sites name: Wealthy Affiliate. What I am a fan of is Wealthy Affiliate. I joined for free WA from the recommendation of a past ministry coach of mine, Brandon Cox. I knew it was going to be a great adventure in helping me create my digital platform, voice as an expert in developing Leadership Skills. What I was not prepared for are all the additional lessons I was going to pick up as WA modeled good leadership skills of coaching me and the community in WA in helping each of our goals to become a reality. This example and the journey is what I am looking forward to taking you with me through this post. Please enjoy…
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Leadership Development Skills – 5 Levels of Leadership

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The middle of 2018, my wife and I were laid off from our ministry jobs. In one day we lost my pastoral job and her admin job at our church. This created some time where I would use to help build into my leadership development skill toolbox. One of those tools is a book I turned back to by John Maxwell titled: 5 Levels of Leadership. This book is one that was used greatly to help aid in my leadership development skill sets. One leadership development skill I developed thanks to coaching I have had over the years is when finished with a book I ask myself "How can this help me in being a better leader"? The answer to that question for me is what I am going to quickly…
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