Herm Edwards speak on leadership lessons that must be learned

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The following are Leadership Lessons That Mist Be Learned according to Herm Edwards. All quotes are from Coach Edwards. https://youtu.be/ux3GFoNIW3o “The only thing you can control, you be ready to go…" Take Personal Responsibility For Your Preparation There Is A Limited Amount Of Opportunity. Take Advantage Of It. – “1,900 football players are professional football players. That’s it.” Talent Is Never Enough – “Right now they got more experience than you. Nothing you can do about that. You might have more talent but they have more experience.” Providing For Your Family Is A Privilege – “It’s not a right but a privilege to play and coach in the National Football League.” Unto Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required – “Talent, expectations, and production can sometimes be a curse. You’ve…
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What is Leadership?

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Create leaders not followers with the leader-leader approach. David Marquet redefines leadership for the modern leader who wants to create empowering environments for their people. Read more: Turn the Ship Around! [embed]http://youtu.be/pYKH2uSax8U[/embed]
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Digital Books are for Common Sense Kids

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Common Sense Kids began when 4th grade teacher, Cortney Campbell of Warren T. Jackson Elementary in Atlanta, GA, sought out to motivate her students with a persuasive writing topic she knew they would love. That weekend she had watched the Apple Education Summit and learned for the first time how iPad technology was replacing textbooks in schools. A few days later, as she was teaching her students about Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and the impact he had on American independence, it clicked! Watch their video, is really is a thought-provoking video. One item as I watched the video stood out to me: The belief that they can and will make a difference. I believe in what they are doing and it makes complete common sense to me. I enjoyed watching…
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