Some insight from Steve Jobs

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It is no surprise from anyone who knows me even in the littlest way that I am huge Apple fanatic and was way before it ever became popular to be so. And anyone who is a long time apple guy like myself it is kind of natural to appreciate the mind behind this great product. So today, I thought I would post some of the wisdom and tid-bits from the guy, Steve Jobs, who was a huge part of the long term success of this wonderful company we know as Apple. * Passion is needed for the long haul * You have to be a great talent scout because you can't do it alone. * Collaboration is a great way to success * Have trust in your team to get…
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Michael Hyatt talks about twitter being greatest leadership, influnece, tool ever

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I have gained an incredible amount of respect for Michael Hyatt. As a matter of fact he is not even aware of the amount of complete respect and impact he has on my life, so when I ran across this video interview of him speaking of the advantages and ways he uses twitter I could not wait to share this valuable piece with you my blog followers. I think it is wisdom for all of us to hear from people like Michael who have great minds but most importantly they are able to execute their great ideas. Enjoy How Can Christian Leaders Get Started with Social Media? from Michael Hyatt on Vimeo.
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Seth Godin difference between management and leadership

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Watch this 7 minute video of Seth Godin talking about the difference of management and leadership and how most who think they are leading are at best just managing. There is also a story that Seth shares about a hotel with a buffet and the radical idea the manager had for firing "guests" so he could stop spending 80% of his time on those who took the most from him. Instead he wanted to focus his time on those who made his hotel better. Let me know what you think about the video and any of the thoughts especially interested in hearing about the Hotel guy in your opinion. Exclusive interview with Seth Godin from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.
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Doing what only what you can do

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I have been spending a lot of time running over this thought for myself. "What is it that only I can do at my church in the kids ministry as the children's pastor?" I want to find and narrow down the list as close as possible to finding the 20% that will give the 80% of return. Andy Stanley does a great job here talking about the same thing. I thought it would be beneficial to share this with all of you as well. Enjoy. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or what you view as your 20%.
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