Leadership Talks That Will Help Develop Your Leadership Skills

People stand usually in one camp of thought or the other with – Are leaders born or made? I would say my answer with this question is, “Yes”.  Regardless of what camp you stand in, we all seem to agree that a Leader is always learning and developing their leadership skills.

I am desiring to invest in developing your leadership skills by giving you in this post some good quality videos to watch and learn from. You will see these videos taught by some who are still alive and some who have passed away, but, all teaching still has incredible value for now and the ages to come.

The Difference Between Winning and Losing. -John Wooden

John Wooden is one of those leaders who transcend beyond their own specialty, his being basketball, and because of the truthful and applicable lessons, they are able to speak into all areas of life. John is a great “coach” and has left us with ideas, systems, and processes that we are still using even after he has passed away. Like his pyramid of success.

Pyramid of success

The 5 Levels of Leadership – John Maxwell

Here is another John that all of us can learn from, John Maxwell. To only list, one of his books is one of the most difficult challenges. I encourage you to not just stop with this one book suggestion but read all of his stuff.

The 5 Levels of Leadership (posted on in more detail here with this link) is a great book that will help you identify where you are on the path of leadership, and to help show you the other stops along the way that you may be able to accomplish so you can set appropriate goals to achieve 4 levels. Yes, I said 4 levels. To achieve the 5th level it requires you do all 4 and the results outlast you. That is a huge B.H.A.G. goal.

Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader – Simon Sinek

For me Simon came on my radar with his incredible book: Start with the Why. I want to share the same teaching via a TEDtalk with you. You too may enjoy what I found to be incredibly inspiring. It challenged me to go back to the drawing board of conception with many of my ideas and methods. Hopefully, this video will pour into your leadership skills.


Are You A Leader? 12 Ways To Know For Sure. – Michael Hyatt

Some lessons that Michael makes in this video.

  • Real leaders don’t care who gets the credit just that the job gets done.
  • Leaders have discontent with the way things are
  • They like to tweak things
  • Don’t wait to have the perfect situations. Create and resources will follow.

Enjoy the video in full and hear more of Michaels 12 ways.


It’s Time to Begin

Thanks for allowing me to share snippets from leaders I enjoy. If you are like me I always enjoy learning wither it is through video, text, networking, coaching or audio, it doesn’t matter as long as I am taking in more to help me to develop leadership skills.

It is this true enjoyment of taking in info that can sometimes slow me down in getting started. I will become a consumer and not a creator. Allow me to encourage you, take the time to watch each of these short videos. Take the lessons to make your notes and goals, then go and live them out.

Start in action right here. Share a couple of your ways that you would develop leadership skills. What are some of your pillar thoughts concerning leadership?

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4 thoughts on “Leadership Talks That Will Help Develop Your Leadership Skills

  • Riaz Shah

    What a timely post Todd,

    I’ve been having problems with one of my managers, we see eye to eye on the goal our company needs to get to but when it comes to the chain of power, he thinks he’s in charge so he tends to make decisions. He knows that I’m in charge but damn, his hard headedness makes me test my patience. How should I deal with people like him though?

    • Todd McKeever

      Initiate a two-way conversation right away with them and find out the following:

      Their goalsWhat generates passion in their lifeCollectively discuss team expectationsWhat they need from you to succeed (this gets you inside of their perceived reality)What you need from them (this helps them to see reality as it is). 

      As a leader, the key is knowing when to implement managerial authority and when to put more focus on “people issues.” The balance of leading and managing rests on your ability to develop as a leader while sustaining high-performing teams and individuals.

      I’ll try and write in future post’s more detail ideas concerning this topic. Thanks for giving me another idea for more future content.  

  • Daniel

    I found your article to be very helpful Todd. In my mind, I always wanted to be a leader but it is not that easy as it seems. Your article helped me to think about that opportunity and I will surely buyJonh Maxwell book and hope that it will help me to achieve my goals.

    • Todd McKeever

      Thanks, Daniel for your comments. Glad you found it to be helpful. I do think you will enjoy the book as well and would like to hear your thoughts after you get a chance to read the book. 

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