Wealthy Affiliate Models Good Leadership Skill of Coaching

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Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of the web sites name: Wealthy Affiliate. What I am a fan of is Wealthy Affiliate. I joined for free WA from the recommendation of a past ministry coach of mine, Brandon Cox. I knew it was going to be a great adventure in helping me create my digital platform, voice as an expert in developing Leadership Skills. What I was not prepared for are all the additional lessons I was going to pick up as WA modeled good leadership skills of coaching me and the community in WA in helping each of our goals to become a reality. This example and the journey is what I am looking forward to taking you with me through this post. Please enjoy…
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Discovering Advantages eBooks Have.

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I have always enjoyed reading. Reading for me is therapeutic, enjoyable, adventurous, challenging in helping me improve skills and so much more. Often times I want to pull out a book and re-read it for some of the great nuggets I received from it. Problem is, I may not be around that certain book at the time. Maybe, I am waiting in line for the doctor or my kids to get out of school and want to feed my mind but I didn't bring a book. This is where the advantages ebooks have in my reading. They can go everywhere with me! Advantages eBooks have to me. I have gone almost totally with ebooks for many reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons. – I can take them anywhere without the extra weight…
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Proper use of To-Do List is a Leadership Development Skill

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I have read a lot about creating a To-Do list and supposedly the advantage of them. I am not a big advocate of strictly using them. Here is where the To-Do list can become dangerous or at least very hard and miserable for those trying to use them successfully. A sloppy to-do list is a source of stress and wasted effort that many, like myself, have found as we build upon our leadership development skills. And often times this crash and burn with To-Do list end up with leaders abandoning their list for another great idea they hear about from those who have trained themselves in the proper way to use whatever that tool is they are selling or promoting. List Taking Can Work To keep from the above crash…
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Leadership Development Skills – 5 Levels of Leadership

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The middle of 2018, my wife and I were laid off from our ministry jobs. In one day we lost my pastoral job and her admin job at our church. This created some time where I would use to help build into my leadership development skill toolbox. One of those tools is a book I turned back to by John Maxwell titled: 5 Levels of Leadership. This book is one that was used greatly to help aid in my leadership development skill sets. One leadership development skill I developed thanks to coaching I have had over the years is when finished with a book I ask myself "How can this help me in being a better leader"? The answer to that question for me is what I am going to quickly…
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Leadership Development Strategy – Move Authority by Reproducing Yourself

Often times those of us in leadership keep ourselves as the only decision makers and wonder why our areas that we lead don't move as efficient as we want. Here is where I want to introduce possibly a new leadership development strategy of moving all authority away from us to where the info is. That's right, our team can and should help make decisions with us and not just play "follow the leader" with us. Teach Intent to the Team In the video that I am adding to this post David Marquet takes on in a visual way the strategy of Leadership Development by moving authority by reproducing himself in his ship mates. By David doing this he was actively teaching them his intent for doing what he knew was…
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