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I am not big on, no, actually I am completely against using prescriptions or some of the other more known type of stuff to help increase a person’s leadership development skill of producing. Well, the Amazing You has been just the thing I was looking for that would give me the maximum gains from the minimalist efforts. All without going against my belief in God, or taking prescriptions, or even having to twist my body like a pretzel.

The Struggle Is Real

For all of my 27+ years of being in leadership roles, I have always tried to be a human sponge. Reading everything possible, listen to every tape, CD, mp3, podcast, etc. that I could get my hands on. I knew that to become better it was going to take new habits to be created and those habits I was going to need to learn from others who I admired and saw results that they had accomplished.

Networking would start. I took from all the resources that I used one important lesson that all would mention which was the same, Networking. I started networking with everyone I could. It seemed that no matter how much I would network with, or how many books, or audio resources I would take in or conferences that I would attend, there always seemed to be “something” that was just out of reach for me to help connect all the dots.

What else could I do? The struggle was real and remained real for many years. I just kept trying to do whatever I would learn from all the resources and tried to have patience as I went through it all. I have no patience though, but remained somewhat patient for years still.

What else could I do that would help me to connect the dots so that I could become the leader that Christ desired for me to become? To fulfill the dreams that I had?

I Could Do Nothing

This is and always has been an option, just never truly an option for me. I am not one who likes the status quo and I refuse to allow it to settle into my life.

If I did nothing I would never become the Amazing Me that I just knew I was to become. This knowledge of what I wanted to become and knew I was to become but always felt like I was hitting a ceiling to my growth in my Leadership Development Skills still haunted me. So I would put my head down even more and read more, attend more conferences still, and network with even more people.

So doing nothing is no option.

Figure It Out Myself

Another idea was to keep trying to figure it out myself. This strategy had me wading through so many resources that I became a taker and not a giver. I become a consumer (because that is all the time I had which was devoted to taking in information) and not a contributor.

As long as I was mainly a consumer I always seemed to be missing out on some of my God-given excitement. I wasn’t meant to always just consume. For me, mainly being a consumer always made me feel like I was missing something and I thought everyone else had “it” except me.

I believe I learned this lesson, even more, when I began to coach. I started to see myself in many of those that I was coaching. They would hire me to give them what they were missing or felt they were missing. The more people I would coach and see this come across as a general them the clearer it became to me that I was doing the same thing with others. I would network because someone had different connections than me. I would read because the authors had more and better experience than myself. I would attend conferences because the speakers had the answers to my situations.

I was still trying to figure it out all by myself and not connecting the dots the way I need them to be connected. I would become oftentimes paralyzed by the wealth of information that I had.

Try Amazing You

Then I stumbled across Amazing You. Now the dots were able to be connected.

The Amazing You are a self-improvement product based on research of a Harvard Trained Psychologist. Marion Neubronner is sharing with you the top-secret used by the executives of the top 500 Fortune companies. Through her over 13 years of research, she has proven that success has nothing to do with money, education or drugs. This product aims to bring out the gift that is within you and propel you to success. She discovered that there is a “brain gap” between the common people and the top 1% of the most successful people in the world. She is an example of the success that can be achieved by the techniques shared in this product. Marion is on a mission to bridge the gap between 99% and 1% that control the world’s wealth resources. She is doing this by sharing the amazing technique used by the top executives of the Fortune 500 companies to achieve maximum happiness and success.

Now What?

The Amazing You is a product that combines over a decade’s research in Harvard and the secret knowledge shared only in the top 500 Fortune companies’ executive boardrooms. Marion Neubronner wants to inspire and teach people to make the best out of their hidden abilities.

Within this 1 resource I found, the coaching I enjoy, the reading that has always been joyful for me, the audio aspect so that I can take the teaching everywhere with me, and the networking possibilities that I have always enjoyed taking part in. It is all here in one place.

Take this opportunity to improve your life now. You don’t need to go along as I did with being confused, lost, feeling like I was on the outside looking in at everyone else who appeared they were getting it. You can develop your leadership skills, and believe it or not, you have most everything you need right now.

Order your copy of the “The Amazing You”.

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14 thoughts on “The Amazing You

  • Babsie Wagner

    This program seems pretty incredible and is substantially reduced in price.  I absolutely love self-help programs, because we all have stumbling blocks that hinder our success and progression through life.  I am glad that you stated you are a Christian, because I am also, and I always want to stay aligned with God’s purpose for my life.  Thanks for sharing this program on your site.  I think I’ll give it a try.

    • Todd McKeever

      I would be interested in hearing how it goes for you once you get it and implement it. Plus the extra benefit for me from your post is hearing how you too are a Christian. Always enjoy networking with other believers.

  • Genesis

    For a minute I thought you were talking about supplements, but this actually looks like something I could use. I ordered my copy already. I definitely need some help in my life. This looks like just the ticket. I’m also against unnecessary prescriptions (though not all) and prefer other methods of dealing with issues if possible, so thank you.

    • Todd McKeever

      I can definitely see how at first you would think supplements. I tried to help take that image away as quickly as I could, even though, as yourself, I am not against all either. Hope you enjoy and find it to be a dot connector for you as well.

  • Mark Baker

    Hi Todd

    There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’re still missing a critical piece of the puzzle despite having done everything possible to find out what this is for yourself.

    The sad thing is that perhaps we would never find that missing piece if it wasn’t for someone else who can see what we can’t. It sound as if this is exactly what Marion Neubronner has down with this program. 

    I had a few questions which I’d love for you to answer if you can? You post says the program is based on her research so I was wondering whether she actually created The Amazing You program or whether someone else has? Is it just an online course? How long do you think it might take to work through the program  before one starts seeing some results?

    Thanks for the interesting post. I had never come across this program till now.


    • Todd McKeever

      Great questions and glad that someone else understands the feeling of missing stuff. 

      Quick answers to your questions and honestly not trying to go around them with my quick answers. It is her material, I’m not sure if it is just online or not because online is the way I did mine. But, I do believe it has a book, manual, DVD’s, etc., but not for the price I am advertising in my post.  Lastly, how long is really going to be dependent upon each individual. Remember, we are going for life transformation not just information.

  • Daniel

    I must say that I have found this article to be very helpful to me. It is obvious that every person should try this product because we all have some struggle in our life that prevent us to be successful and happy. Self-improvement is very important and all that happens around us is connected to that.

  • Darren

    Self help programs are an investment in yourself and investing in yourself is the best form of investment you can make.

    This program seems like it could be very useful to me so after Leaving my comment I will watch tbe presentation video on the link you provided.

    Hey Tom just one question, how come there is no mention of the cost of this program? Is it not better to be transparent with this? 

    • Todd McKeever

      Thanks for commenting Darren and hope you enjoy and identify with the video. 

      As for the price, I am assuming you are referring to me mentioning the price in my post because the video is very clear about the price. I left it out of my post because I am not sure if what it is going for now is an everyday price or one just for now. I thought that not mentioning the price on my end would help me to keep my post updated longer just in case the price changes. At the time of this comment I can say the price is under $50 if that is helpful to you.

  • Cathy

    Our mind can do tricks on us sometimes, it makes us think that we are good or that we are heading towards failure. Of late, I’ve been feeling the latter and really need to find that ‘strong potion’ to boost back my energy. Many aspects in life isn’t working out for me right now, but I know there’s a solution out there. I just need some professional guidance without having to pay the professional price. 

    I like to see how this product you mentioned can tackle the gift within me, if there’s even a gift at all. Will surely check it out.

    • Todd McKeever

      Oh Cathy, without knowing you at all except through this comment I can tell you that you do have a gift inside of you. It is waiting there to be discovered and used. 

      Don’t lose heart. 

  • Desa

    Hi Todd,

    I totally get what you mean about always consuming but never producing. 

    For me, I came to understand that I was spending the first couple of decades of my life absorbing knowledge and acclimating to life (consuming as you call it), but since we are all made to be creators not consumers, it is only natural that we should finally reach a point where we feel we have taken in enough and are ready to start putting out more for others. That’s why I started my own business finally. But I guess the question is, “well, why did I have to wait until now?” right?

    We all do have something to offer the world, and I think leadership knows no age, but do you think it still helps you to have had your prior decades of experience and learning before you started sharing? What does this Harvard author say about that?



    • Todd McKeever

      Leadership does know no age and that is one of the many things I enjoy about leadership. 

      As for any of my experience, of course it all plays into what and how I can share and contribute. For myself, I would have wanted to start contributing sooner I just wouldn’t admit that I had stuff to share. I was wrong and now know I have a lot to share and contribute. 

      Thanks for reading and commenting. 

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